Learning links


These are HistoryMad's  recommended History websites for secondary school students - they are interactive, educational and fun.

1. www.bbc.co.uk/history

An outstanding resource - check out the interactive games, animations, sound and photo archives, timelines, historical essays, and BBC programme-related articles.


7BBC Bitesize

Read the 'Bite-sized' revision text and then take the interactive test to see if you've learnt it.  Very helpful for all students approaching GCSE.


2. www.schoolhistory.co.uk

Andrew Field's website is fantastic for secondary school history students.  It has brilliant revision activities aimed at GCSE level, great games and quizzes (including the classic 'Fling the Teacher'), and (for teachers) lots of freely downloadable worksheets and powerpoint presentations.

8. www.historylearningsite.co.uk

C. Trueman's informative site contains a host of well written articles on popular topics at KS3, KS4 and KS5.



3. www.learningcurve.gov.uk

A wonderful site from the Public Records Office which makes the national archives available to school students in an accessible format.  There are lesson-sized activities called 'snapshots', on-line exhibitions and great interactive games (including the hilarious Tudor Jousting game).

9 Spartacus Educational

Produced by the historian John Simkin, this site offers a compendium of articles on Modern World and Modern British history.  Its particular strengths are American history, the two World Wars and British political history 1700-1900.


4. www.activehistory.co.uk

Russel Tarr's site is another example of an excellent teacher-produced resource.  The highlights include virtual interviews (check out the award-winning 'Virtual chat with Hitler'!), decision-making activities, quizzes and games, and in-depth investigations.  This is a subscription site (39.99 for a private user),

10. HyperHistory Online

An enormous timeline of important events and personalities from pre-history to the present day.  Scroll through and select the item you wish to read a short encyclopaedia article on it.  A clever format packed with useful information.


5. http://www.johndclare.net/

Produced by the historian John D. Clare, this site is fantastic for GCSE students seeking to revise Modern World History.  It provides mini topic books and  revision sheets with useful ideas on how to remember key facts and info.

11. Channel 4 microsites - time travel guides

Easily-navigable and nicely-presented (as you'd expect from C4) guides to Roman, Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, Napoleonic and 20th century worlds.


6. The History Channel

The 'classroom' provided by the History Channel offers dozens of well-written articles on common GCSE and A-level topics which are useful revision summaries.  The site also has some good games.

12. http://www.historyonthenet.com/

Heather Wheeler's new-look site contains a wealth of approachable articles on the main National Curriculum topics as well as some fun home-produced games and quizzes.

13. Young explorers

Animated guide from the British Museum to its collection

14. The History Faculty

List of podcasts on a wide range of topics.